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Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by our numerous awards:

Time Awards
  2006-2014 10 Most Influential Enterprises in China’s Water Industry  
  October 2014 Sound’s SMART small town sewage treatment equipment was selected in “Key National Innovative Product” list  
  June 2014 “SOUND” being awarded “Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China” by Brand Observer magazine, ranking first in terms of environmental protection  
  Mar 2014 2013 Leading Enterprises in Municipal Drainage & Waste Water Treatment Sector Offering Water Service to Medium and Small Towns in China’s Water Industry  
  Mar 2014 2013 Environmental Engineering Companies Award of Influence  
  Apr 2013 10 Most Influential Investment & Operation Enterprises in China’s Water Industry in 2012  
  Oct 2012 2012 “Star of Water Industry” Water Affairs Flag Companies  
  July 2012 Hi-standard was awarded “User Satisfaction Equipment Brand in Water Industry of the Year”  
  Jan 2012 2011 Outstanding Water Treatment Engineering Companies  
  Jan 2012 Awarded “Technology Outstanding Achievements Award” for Landfill Leachate Treatment Engineering  
  Dec 2011 2011 China Clean Technology Top 20 Enterprises  
  Oct 2011 Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone “Ten-One Hundred-One Thousand Project” Enterprise  
  Mar 2011 2010 Top 10 Outstanding Technology & Engineering Companies in Water Industry  
  Feb 2010 Top 10 Outstanding Engineering Companies  
  2009-2010 Renowned Water Affairs Companies  
  Apr 2009 Proprietary innovation in Beijing Municipality — Design and construction of SDN coking coal treatment process  
  Mar 2009 2008 Top 10 Innovative Environmental Engineering Companies in Water Industry  
  Jan 2009 2009 Forbes China Potential Companies  
  Dec 2008 Best Under a Billion Top 200 Companies  
  Nov 2008 Private Technological Development Contribution Award  
  Nov 2008 2008 China’s Outstanding Innovative Enterprises  
  Mar 2008 2008 Forbes China Potential Companies  
  Jan 2008 Outstanding Environmental Engineering Companies in 2007  
  Dec 2007 Top 10 National Brands in China’s Water Industry  
  July 2007 Innovation of China-Top 10 Brands of China’s Private Environmental Protection Innovation in 2007  
  Apr 2007 100% User Satisfaction Enterprises in China’s Water Industry in 2006  
  Apr 2007 Top Ten Influential Water Industry Engineering Companies  
  May 2006 100% User Satisfaction Enterprises in China’s Water Industry in 2005  

* The English version on this Website is translated from the Chinese version. In case of doubt or discrepancy in the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.


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