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In its many years of experience in advanced industrial wastewater treatment, Sound Global has applied cutting-edge technologies in consistently innovative ways:

  • We have established a leading position in the treatment of wastewater from the coal (including coking) industry and zero discharge.
  • We have accumulated many achievements in the treatment of wastewater from the petroleum, leather, food processing, and steel industries.
  • We have made significant breakthroughs in the treatment of wastewater from the shale gas and oil industry.

Sound Global's range of competencies – from design to the application of technology, construction to management and operation – have enabled the company to take a leading position in the planning, design and construction of industrial zone water management systems. We provide comprehensive, integrated solutions in the following fields:

  • Industrial water supply
  • Desalination
  • Industrial wastewater treatment and cyclical reuse
  • Centralized treatment for water supply and drainage in Industrial zone

Business cooperation models:

  • Public-private partnership (PPP)
  • Build, operate and transfer
  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)
  • Operation and maintenance (O&M)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Water Supply EPC Project
Industrial EPC Project of the Central Treatment Station for Jilin Iron & Steel Company Ltd.
The project provides one-stop treatment solution that can manage coking wastewater, sewage, chemical water, circulating cooling water, pipe networks water supply and balance.
Equipment for Industrial Water Supply Project
Coal-chemical Wastewater Treatment
Industrial EPC Wastewater Treatment Project on 160,000tonnes/year Coal to Synthetic Oil for Inner Mongolia Yitai Group Co., Ltd.
The project is recognized as the first wastewater treatment project in domestic coal-to-oil industry, which effluent is better than the municipal discharge standards.
Shale Oil Plant of Fushun Mining Group Co., Ltd.
With proven technology, the Company outperformed its competitors from across the regions like South Korea to win the project. The effluent from shale oil activity is well managed to meet the discharge standards through its wastewater treatment facility and technology.
Shanxi Lubao Group Jingangzhaofeng Coal-chemical Project
The project has well managed desalting water, circulating cooling water, wastewater treatment and reuse, which plays a demonstration effect in the circular economy park.
Coking Wastewater Treatment
Coking Wastewater and Advanced Treatment EPC Project for Hebei Tangshan Dafeng Coking Co., Ltd.
Landfill Leachate Treatment
Beijing Asuwei Landfill Leachate Treatment EPC Project
The project, being an ancillary project servicing the 2008 Olympic Games, ensures the highest leachate concentration is capable of meeting the state strictest discharge standards.
Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Water Supply BOT Project Industrial Wastewater Treatment O&M Project Equipment Fabrication & Supporting Facilities for Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Water Supply, Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Project in Fujian Quangang Petrochemical Industrial Zone
Undertaking project of water supply, wastewater treatment and reuse, the Company provides the zone-stationed enterprises with its professional services.
Investment: RMB228million
Wastewater Treatment Capacity: 12,500tonnes/day
Water Supply Capacity: 25,000tonnes/day
Wastewater Treatment Process: Hydrolytic Acidification+A2O
Discharge Standards: Class IA
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Project for Inner Mongolia mengwei science Co., Ltd
Project Company: Sound Chayouhouqi Branch
Operation in December 2011
Capacity: 4,800tonnes/day
Wastewater Treatment Process: AO+BAF
Discharge Standards: Class IB
Jiangxi Nanchang Xianghu Water Project
Technical Consulting Services Industrial Reclaimed Water Project Industrial Water Supply, Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
Coking Wastewater and Advanced Treatment Project for Hebei Tangshan Dafeng Coking Co., Ltd. Water Reuse Project for Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd.

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