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SOUND’s enterprise technology center and post-doctoral work station serves as a platform for transforming technologies, and sponsors deep research into new, original, and applied technologies. SOUND’s capacity for incorporating new technologies into industry and pursuing further innovation is constantly increasing. So far, it has produced more than 100 scientific research achievements, gained many technology protections from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and has applied for more than 130 national patents.

High-effect Electro-osmotic Dewatering Technology in Sewage Sludge

Through independent research and development, the Company successfully develops a treatment device of sewage sludge, which is introducing a High-effect Electro-osmotic Dewatering Technology and based on the use of mechanical pressure in conjunction with electroendosmosis. Solid-liquid separation after this treatment could significantly realize with results of water content of 80%-95% reduced between 60%-35%(adjustable), an apparent breakthrough compared with conventional mechanical dewatering methods of either diaphragm or plate-and-frame type filter press.

The technology and process could produce a dewatered sludge cake in a relatively high heating value by ultimately retaining the organic matter. This allows for easier combustion of the sludge and even self-sustaining sludge incineration. It is a technology for stabilizing and reducing sewage sludge in harmless and recycling way, providing a great technical support for solving environmental problems in municipal sewage treatment industry.

Self-sustained combustion of sludge

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